David Lucas, Art Fair



Shaft of Light

David Lucas, Artist, Sheffield

The ‘Shaft of Light’ series explores light and the journey it makes from the sun. I have worked on how to depict such a subject with paint, by applying colour, texture, and high tonal contrasts onto a canvas surface, lending a material quality to my description of space, light and shadow.


Wave Lines

David Lucas, Artist, Sheffield


The ‘Wave Lines’ series is a body of painting inspired by the rhythms and cycles of the sea, taking into consideration and reflecting upon the ecosystem and the impact of human activity on the planet.

Horizon Lines

David Lucas, Artist, Sheffield

Continuing to develop the linear aspect of my visual language, the ‘Horizon Lines’ series is inspired by the concept of light travelling through space. It is also an attempt to extend the boundaries of painting by subverting perspective and the manipulation of the eye in traditional landscape painting by placing the horizon as the central motif in the forefront.


David Lucas, Artist, Sheffield

‘Redshift’ is a series of variations inspired by the phenomenon (in astrophysics) of redshift, which happens when light seen from an object in space that is moving away is proportionally increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. Other paintings shown here relate to the similarity in compositional format and feel of the work created at this time.

Blue Line

David Lucas, Artist, Sheffield



‘Blue Line’ is one of the early paintings to explore the linear aspect of visual language. The bold blue sweep of ultramarine as a central motif, forms the main section, in a painting that utilises the golden ratio. As well as the linear aspect this collection also includes paintings that explore shape and my interest in curvature of space.