A contemporary visual artist, David Lucas draws inspiration from skies, land, sea, horizons, comets, space, rainbows, light and shadow. His visual language involves expressive gestural mark making and painterly abstraction, using intense colour, contour and shape.

He is presently working on the ‘Shaft of Light’ series, introducing a more pronounced geometric dimension to the work.

David Lucas, Artist Sheffield
‘Shaft of Light no.12’, Exhibited in SYMBOL, Cupola Contemporary Art:photo-Karen Sherwood

His latest painting ‘Shaft of Light no.12’ has recently been part of the selected exhibition ‘SYMBOL’, the 28th Christmas Show at  Cupola Contemporary Art  in Sheffield and will remain on display until the 7th February if you would like to see or acquire it.

David can also be found at Saatchiart an online selling platform and Axisweb a network for artists .